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Getting Started

Autopilot is easy-to-use software for multi-channel marketing, it enables marketers to create marketing journeys and convert their leads into customers.

The Autopilot REST API is designed to allow you to integrate your app with the Autopilot platform both to improve and customize your experience in Autopilot, and improve the data being pushed into your app. Example applications of the API include:

  • Capturing leads from Autopilot in your own app
  • Adding contacts from your app into Autopilot
  • Triggering Autopilot journeys from your app
  • Keeping unsubscribes in sync between Autopilot and your app
  • Adding to the Autopilot activity feed
  • Enhance contact profiles with custom fields and data from your app
  • Get data from your app into Salesforce using Autopilot’s deep integration

Of course, there are many other uses for the Triggers and Actions provided in the API. We will be documenting these in our developer blog.

We also have a Zapier integration, enabling integration of your Autopilot account with many web applications and CRMs which you are already familiar with. To read more about our Zapier integration, please visit the Zapier page.

Step 1: Get an Autopilot trial account

If you don’t already have a trial Autopilot account, head to to get one. The API will work with trial accounts.

Step 2: Get API Key

Login to your Autopilot account at

Click on the settings icon on the left hand side, and then select the “Autopilot API” section.

Generate your API key using the “Generate” button and copy it.

Step 3: Read the API docs and make your first request

Visit for full documentation.

Step 4: Ask any questions you have in the API Issues forum

API Issues Forum on Github.

Step 5: Register to get notified of API changes to find out about new features

API Changelog.